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ATX T Shirt Shop

We’re an Austin T Shirt Shop. ATxTShirts searches out and offers iconic venue and artist t shirts and posters from Austin Texas, the “Live Music Capital of the World”. We’re on a mission to compile a library of Austin’s notable venue/band wearables and art, past and present.

A second mission is to pay back to those venues and artists a portion of the proceeds from every purchase as thanks for making our Austin lives a whole lot happier.

All of the venue & artist tees and posters on this site are offered up in cooperation with some of Austin’s most storied bucket-list bands, artists, bars, eateries, live music and entertainment businesses.

So stroll thru our pages and take a walk thru Austin entertainment present and past.

There is a history here, the birthing of “The Live Music Capital of The World” and it’s colorful, complicated, funny, passionate and yup, weird.  We hope you’ll stop by from time to time to take a little piece of Austin home with you.

Put Austin on your back !










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